The Women’s March – Washington D.C. on January 21, 2017 aimed to call people to come together against injustice and to protect women’s rights. Asylum asked us to create a grass roots message that would be memorable, easy to amplify and most importantly encompassed their deep concern for women’s rights.

In 1968 ‘I Am a Man!’ was used as a declaration of civil rights, against oppression for African Americans. Fast-forward 49 years and another civil rights issue is being fought on the streets of America. We reproduced 100 of the iconic placards and asked each woman taking part to repurpose it for their own civil rights battle.


Client: Asylum
Agency: Interbrand, NYC
Team: Oliver Maltby, Mike Knaggs, Craig Mangum
Photography: ©Builder Levy


Civil rights.
Still fighting.


I Am a Man/ Union Justice Now, Martin Luther King Memorial March for Union Justice and to End Racism, Memphis, Tennessee


I Am a WoMan/ Women’s March for Justice to End Gender inequality, Washington, DC